Quick and Simple Natural Hair Style

This style is a quick and easy hairstyle to do on natural hair. The length on my hair is about shoulder length with no layers-a bob. To do this style you will need a comb (rattail comb), clips, leave-in conditioner or detangling spray, and natural haircare styling product. Normally, I use a twisting gel, cream, or foam but based on you curl pattern and texture a different natural haircare product may be used. Also, some people use rods to secure the ends especially if they are still in the transitioning phase.

    First, shampoo and condition your hair.
    Second, remove excess water and spray leave-in to detangle and hydrate hair.
    Third, part hair into four section (down the middle from front to back and from ear to ear).
    Next, divide each section in half and begin to twist the hair to the scalp. Allow the twist to dry completely.
    Last, add a dime size amount of oil to the hair, then carefully take down the twist to avoid creating frizz.

To maintain this style, add a daily moisturizer, re-twist each section, and cover hair with a silk or satin bonnet or scarf.